Who We Are

AIP is a Leading Provider of Professional Counselling & Psychotherapy service with full discretion and confidentiality. We combine our experience of conventional and Islamic Counselling in order to provide you with the best solutions to your life problems. We provide a Holistic approach being highly Qualified in the fields of Nutrition, Herbal and Prophetic Medicine.

What is Islamic Counselling?

Islamic Counselling is the same as conventional therapy, with infusion of faith orientation. We aid you in identifying and exploring the core issues and emotional patterns which affect your current difficulties, which when made clear can reduce the anxiety you feel surrounding your current issues. We offer you a fully confidential, non-judgemental and empathic service, along with challenging you to dive deeper into the core of your situation in order to find long term solutions. Through this you can develop an understanding of your emotions and gain confidence to manage new decisions, deal with and manage any anxieties a lot easier.