Our workshops are designed to allow exploration of the issues which haunt people throughout their lives. They are intended to allow those who have difficulty expressing themselves in certain situations, an environment to be with others whom also have this difficulty.

The programs include using a holistic approach for the ailments of the heart that prevent one from fulfilling their potential. Many have issues that correspond with past experiences which manifest as modern ailments such as guilt, fear, loneliness and despondency and many others. These in turn prevent progression and even cause one to sabotage all future aims and goals; making people think they are not worthy or deserved of the results consequently rendering them worthless. They then wonder aimlessly in the mind dreaming up new ideas they could do to make others feel worthy of them. So they not only seek approval from others because they are unsure of themselves, they begin another a journey of, “if only I can do this, but I can’t because …..” syndrome; many live in the future with their dreams instead of being present with their plans, focusing on what needs to be done, some may pass the planning stage and never get to actualise their focus or they get to the action stage and “sabotage” the finale. AIP coaching is solution focused and can help one achieve their potential. ***


    • Procrastination
    • Goal Setting & Management
    • Preparing with a Business
    • New Ventures
    • Life Skills